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Eco Warriors

Eco Warriors Mission Statement 


Our beautiful world, community and school are all important to us. At St Richard's Catholic Primary School we are on a mission to make sure that we keep the environment around us clean and tidy. We care deeply for God’s creatures and want to ensure our school grounds are well kept, litter free and sustainable.  As a school, we also strive to be energy efficient, by turning lights off, making sure water is not wasted and that we don't waste resources, especially paper. 


We are inspired by the letter from Pope Francis - Laudato Si' Care for our Common Home.  Pope Francis has written a letter addressed to every single person on this planet asking us all to protect the Earth, our common home.  He talks about how the Earth is God's gift to us, that it is full of beauty and wonder, it belongs to everyone and sadly, it has never been so hurt or mistreated.  


How can we help? How can we look after our Common Home? Please watch the video below and let us know your thoughts.  Eco-Warriors want to love our world and love our neighours.

The world cannot wait! We can help by...

- turning off lights

- reducing water waste

- recycling

- living more simply and not taking more than our fair share

Laudato Si' animation for children | CAFOD

Pope Francis has written a letter addressed to every single person on this planet asking us all to protect the Earth, our Common Home.

Pope Francis' A Prayer For Our Earth | CAFOD

Our Eco Prayer

Meet your Eco Warriors! 2021-2022


Ash: Milosz

Poplar: Ben

Sycamore: Henry and Bella 

Oak: Isabella and Lydia 

Willow: Oskar and Tomasina 

Beech: Ishka and Barney 

Elm: Amelia and Rahul

Silver Birch: Oliver and Emily 

Maple: Austin and Lanz 

Rowan: Scarlett and Milo

Chestnut: Juliette and Ollie 

Eco Warrior Meeting Minutes

'Grow your own' and 'Terra-cycle'  Our aims for 2020-2021

This academic year (2020-2021) has certainly been a different one with various COVID restrictions and time away from school. Despite challenges, Eco Warriors have continued with their mission to make a difference to our environment! After the lockdown in March, we started growing our own fruits and vegetables to harvest for snack time.  We are currently growing peas, green beans, carrots, strawberries, radishes, beetroot, lettuce and pepper! Eco Warriors thought about the plastic used in supermarket produce and vowed to bring their snacks in re-usable pots and try and grow their own at home! We will post pictures of our green-fingered Eco Warrior gardens from home here!


Eco Warriors also became members of Terra-cycle - a nationwide recycling program for schools.  We chose to recycle used writing instruments this year and see what sort of response we would get.  Each classroom is equipped with a recycled cardboard box to collect used writing instruments. They will be taken to a local stationary in town and money will be donated to charity depending on how much is recycled.  


As always Eco Warriors are busy in their classroom bubbles making sure taps and lights are off when not in use, paper is being re-used and recycled in the correct way and we are steering clear of single-use plastic

Terra-cycle gallery 2021-2022

Eco Warrior Gallery

Eco Warriors Christmas Fundraisers - recycled gifts

Eco Warrior Finished Projects