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Hello everyone! This week in Phonics we are actually learning our last 4 sounds for this phase! They are as follows: ou, oy, er and air. In the video attached I will just concentrate on 'ou' which the children know as "mouse in a house". If you find it easier, you could look at one sound each day - there are some printable activities for the children should you wish to do with them. As always we recommend sound hunts, finding sounds in our reading, chalk writing, sky writing, magnetic letters, writing with a paintbrush and a bucket of water, whiteboards, playing teachers, sounding out with a puppet like Croc...let us know how you get on! x

PS. I will also attach a link for a BBC Radio Lets Dance programme about going into space - its a great tool to get the children really listening and practise using their listening skills - we did this in class with the Key Worker Bubble! There is a part one (Journey to the moon) and part two (Meet the aliens)  (Geraldine the Giraffe ou sound)  (Geraldine the Giraffe er sound)  (Geraldine the Giraffe oy sound)  (Geraldine the Giraffe air sound)  (ou sound)