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Science -  What are light sources? How does reflection work? How does light travel? What is a spectrum? Create a poster telling someone how the digestive process works. We are learning about rocks. How are rocks formed? Are rocks the same? What are the names of rocks? What else can you find out about rocks? Can you create a poster or PowerPoint presentation about rocks?

Art - Can you sketch fruit or vegetables? Did the Celts and Romans have art work? Can you produce art work based on Celtic and Roman patterns and art work? Can you make a Roman mosaic out of things around the house? Try some volcano art! You could sketch a picture of a volcano, or paint one, or make a collage of one? Perhaps you could make a volcano model out of paper, card or plasticine?

Geography - What features do maps have on them? Can you create some icons / logos that could represent things on a map? Find out where your food comes from. Locate countries on a map. What item travels the furthest? What is good / bad about food travelling a long way to the UK? How are volcanoes formed? Why do we have volcanoes? What are tectonic plates? Do you know the layers that make up the Earth? What's in the middle of the Earth? Produce a fact file about volcanoes or a poster. 

Spanish - Can you find out how to ask someone where they live in Spanish? How about what they like and dislike? Can you find out how to ask someone if they have a brother or sister? What other questions can you write out in Spanish? 

English - What features need to be on a letter? Imagine you could write a letter to a Roman person. What would you say? What questions would you ask? What could you tell them about you? Can you write a poem about a volcano? Can you write a story that involves a volcanic eruption? Who is in your story? What happens? How are they rescued? Can you learn your spellings for the term? 

Dance - Can you create a dance routine about Romulus and Remus story? Could you find a space to throw a ball on a target? Could you create a scoring system to help you improve? e.g. 10 points, 5 points, 1 point?

RE - What is a Mass? Can you research what things happen in Mass? Can you produce a poster to explain what lent is all about?


Times Tables Speed Quiz Film

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Use this sheet to help your child learn their spellings. Can they read the words? Do they understand what the words mean? Can they say them in a sentence? Can they write them in a sentence? Can they write the words using joined up handwriting? Can they find words within the words? Can they find other words that follow the same spelling rule?


Encourage your child to read as much as possible. Read anything - books, magazines, websites etc. Talk to them about what they read. Read to them if you can. Here are some extra resources if you would like them. Comprehension tasks can be done orally or the answers can be written out on paper.


Use the word mats below to help your child write good sentences and stories. They can choose content from the Year 3 or Year 4 mats. The mats contain everything we teach over the year and we often revisit skills from them. They can write sentences, stories, posters, leaflets, adverts etc. A lovely opportunity to be creative and apply the writing skills they are expected to know. 

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