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World Book Day 2021

Happy World Book Day 2021


How exciting, World Book Day is here. Let's 'share a story'!

Whether you are at school or at home, World Book Day is a day to celebrate reading and the adventures we can have when we open a book. It may be a story that takes you into a lost world, or a poem that makes you laugh. It might be an autobiography that shares secrets with you about your favourite person, or an information book that takes you back into the past. Whatever sort of book you enjoy, let's share it together today. 


As well as the wonderful activities your teachers have for you today, you can also visit the World Book Day website. It has lots of different activities for you, including "Author and Illustrator Academy". If you are at home, perhaps you could take a look and choose an exciting video to watch and some activities to try. The link is below. 


You also have the chance to hear our favourite books, with the staff reading to you. Choose a book (or few) you enjoy and get cosy for story time. 


Happy reading everyone!

Mrs Coulter