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Our Values

All members of our school community are on a faith journey together. Guided by our Mission Statement, we seek to:

            Know - strive to learn more about God, the world he created for us                                       and our role in caring for it.

Love - learn to grow in love for Jesus and for one another.

Serve - work to notice the needs of those around us - both in our school and in our wider community and work together to serve and be the face of Jesus for each other.


The St Richard's Way:

Inspired by the active way in which St Richard lived to serve his diocese with kind acts, at St Richard's Catholic Primary School, we try to live out the gospel values that we learn about. Our school family is committed to showing the love of Christ to others through serving each other, our school and our wider community. Some of the ways that we try to do this are:


Minni- Vinnies - Our children work alongside the St. Vincent De Paul Society in trying to be active in our faith and show love and support to others where it is needed in an active way.

Altar Serving -  Our pupils support our parish by altar-serving at the school Mass that is also attended by parishioners and parents.

Supporting and raising money for various charities - Our children and families are very active in supporting different charities. Chichester Food Bank, Mary's Meals, Cafod, Stone-pillow, Chestnut tree House and the Snow-drop trust are just some of the many charities that our children work to support in many different ways. Sponsored sports, cake sales, non-uniform days, sponsored hair-cuts and choosing to go without Christmas gifts are just some of the ways that the children themselves have chosen to live out their mission statement - To Know, To Love, To Serve.

Sharing our Gifts - St Richard's children are always looking for ways to share their God-given gifts with others. Children spend time reading to each other - older children reading to younger classes, inviting family and grand-parents in to read together, singing for others - in concerts and visits to the elderly, praying for others and the world - in weekly prayer request assemblies, each class tries to choose a special way to serve the community each year.


The importance of prayer at St Richard's

What do we understand by British Values at St Richard's?

Our House Saints

The Bible uses the word ‘saints’ to mean all Christians (Romans 1:6-7). From the earliest times, Christians looked at good examples of other Christians, whose lives really showed the love of Christ.


Christians, whether they are living on earth or in heaven, belong to what is called the Communion of Saints. Communion means to belong together and saints are those who follow God’s way. They show us something about God. They may be kind, generous, loving, faithful, forgiving and caring.


The lives of the Apostles were studied because it was believed they showed how a Christian should live. When the children start their journey here at St Richard's they are allocated to one of four houses. We use the role model of 4 saints to group our pupils. Each house has its own dedicated saint and these saints have been chosen to reflect and celebrate the wonderful diversity we have within our school community. 


We know that the children take great pride in being a member of their house. House points are awarded to children who have demonstrated positive learning behaviours and followed the gospel values through their words and actions.

Faith Leaders

At St Richard's, each class has two Faith Leaders who help to support the Catholic life at our school. They lead prayers and liturgies in class and in whole school assemblies. Each Faith Leader wears a special badge so that everyone in school knows they can go to them to help them with their faith.