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Characteristics of Effective Learning

Which are the important characteristics we are trying to promote at St.Richard’s?








Is persistent and doesn't give up when faced with tricky things.

Tries different approaches to find what works.

Keeps on trying and doesn’t give up at the first difficulty



Can work well alone, focusing on the task and ignoring disruptions.

Is self-confident and can make their own decisions.




Works well in a team or with a partner, sharing ideas and compromising where needed. They are supportive of others and are a good listener.

Able to negotiate with peers, recognise a nd adapt behaviour to different situations; able to take turns; accept needs of others



Is imaginative and comes up with original ideas. They are adaptable and will think of alternative suggestions to problems.

Thinks of his/her own ideas and different ways of doing them; uses imagination in play



Asks lots of questions and is keen to find out the answer to problems.  Enjoys discovering and exploring new things.

Shows curiosity about the world around them-has particular interests


Making Links

Makes links between ideas and spots similarities and relationships.

Can apply their learning to different settings.

Makes links and connections in experiences; develops ideas of grouping, sequences, patterns


Changing and Learning

Enjoys a challenge and has a belief that they can learn and improve with effort.  Is open minded and flexible.

Shows satisfaction when he/she has accomplished something that he/she has set out to do


Strategic Thinking

Makes plans and follows them, thinking carefully about the next steps.  Is organised, prepared and analytical.

Reviews activities as he/she does them; changes approach as required