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Looking after your child's health in school

Please find below a copy of our Managing Medicines policy along with various other documents relating to managing healthcare in school. 


Managing your child's health condition while they are with us is paramount. If your child has Asthma or an Allergy we will ask you to complete a specific healthcare plan which outlines triggers and also treatment of the condition. 

If your child needs an inhaler or autoinjector we must have 2 in school at any time. 1 will be held securely in the school office and the other will be accessible at all times by staff in your child's classroom. 


If your child's condition falls outside of asthma or allergies we will complete a slightly different healthcare plan with you but the principle is the same. We will need to know the details of their condition, any signs or triggers and a plan of action should your child become unwell. 


Healthcare plans will be reviewed annually unless there are changes in your child's condition. 


If your child's condition or treatment changes in anyway it is important that you make us aware. 


Our Managing Medicines and First Aid Coordinator is Mrs Farrands and can be contacted during school hours in the office on 01243 784549. 


Our qualified managing medicines staff are able to administer short term medication such as antibiotics if the daily dose is stated as more than 3 times per day. PLEASE DO NOT SEND YOUR CHILD TO CLASS WITH THEIR MEDICATION, ALL MEDICATION MUST BE SENT TO THE SCHOOL OFFICE AND SIGNED IN. YOU WILL BE REQUIRED TO COMPLETE A CONSENT TO ADMINISTER FORM. (Available below.)


Throughout their time in school the children will be offered vaccinations as per NHS guidance such as the Influenza Nasal Spray Vaccination each November. You have the option to opt out if you would rather your child isn't vaccinated. 


Consent to administer short term medication. (Such as antibiotics.)